Friday, January 21, 2005

The windy city of Chicago

Shiny egg
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I have no idea what this is, but we found this gigantic shiny ball while walking in Chicago's Millenium Park.

Everyone look up!
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Under the Egg, makes for really cool photography!

Chicago skyline at night from the Hancock Building. Why do all city skylines look the same at night? San Francisco, Hong Kong, etc.

Sugar, Chicago
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We had an extremely complicated dessert at Sugar Dessert Bar, Chicago’s first dessert bar. The decor was really cool and cosy in a funky kinda way. Would love to own one of these babies in KL. Prices are high, so be forewarned. However, all desserts are unique and freshly created by the chef, who used to work for Charlie Trotters, one of the finest restaurants in the world. Getting a table means booking 6 months in advance!

Sugar's dessert
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Our really complicated dessert was called Marquis de Sucre, a sampler platter of 4 of Sugar's bestselling desserts. It was served on a sugar platter, so even that is edible!



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