Sunday, May 08, 2005

Random Things About Me

  1. My full name's Audrey Tang Mei Vern, no one has ever called me Mei Vern, ever. And this includes my parents and my grandparents.
  2. Mei Vern means beautiful cloud in Chinese.
  3. I'm second generation Malaysian, my grandfather (Dad's Dad) was a "sin-kek" from China when he was 16 and my grandma (Mum's Mum) is nyonya, which makes me one too, yippee.
  4. I come from a line of strong, independent women. As I grow older, I see more of my grandma and my mum in me. I hate submissive, ditzy, dull, waif-thin wannabe models.
  5. I don’t believe in organized religion. I respect people who have faith in the unknown, but I’m a realist.
  6. I’m a pro-choice feminist.
  7. I have a strange phobia of dots.
  8. I cannot break the seal off from a new bottle of mineral water.
  9. I don’t know how to use manual can openers. Therefore, I hate canned food.
  10. I think with my heart, not my head
  11. I enjoy a good cry, there is an unworldy beauty in sadness.
  12. I cannot sleep without my baby pillow taugeh.
  13. I've never taken a studio photo in my entire life (except passport photos, don’t like those). I believe in individual beauty, one that does not need touchups or bright lights to create the illusion of perfection.
  14. I love shoes! But I would rather die than be caught dead in a pair of platforms.
  15. I love going to the movies, I’m a strong proponent of paying $10 or RM10 to see a movie at the cinema. Why? Because it’s made for the big screen, and the experience of leaving the world behind for two hours and indulging and seeing the world through the eyes of another is an amazing experience. Sadly though, not all movies will/can be shown in the cinema, especially in Malaysia. Then it’s VCDs lor.
  16. I hate B-grade horror slasher flicks. One of the worse experience I’ve had is having to sit through two hours of Rob Zombie’s House of Thousand Corpses. I sat through it coz I felt that I had to give the movie a chance before criticizing it, I was wrong. I couldn’t eat meat for 2 weeks after that.
  17. I cannot drink instant coffee. I only drink brewed coffee, 2 packs of brown sugar and nonfat milk please. Favorite espresso drink is a tie between nonfat caramel latte and white chocolate mocha. No whip.
  18. I drink nonfat milk because I don't like my coffee thick, not because I'm obsessed with my weight.
  19. There are two types of Milo (pronounced my-lo, not me-lo!) one from China and one from Malaysia. I like the one from Malaysia better.
  20. I don't like to jog.
  21. I don't like to carry plastic bags, especially those pink ones from the pasar malam.
  22. I don't like pretentious people, especially Malaysians who conveniently lose their accents after a month in a foreign country.
  23. I can be a bitch. I'm brutally honest most of the time and some people can't handle it.
  24. My friends think I'm a little kooky, or as we Malaysians call it, "screw a bit loose". Hehehe...I read a quote once that said, "In every genius, there is always a strain of insanity." Oh yeah, some people think I’m a little cocky too.
  25. I’m not funny, I cannot tell a joke if my life depended on it but I’m sarcastic. My eyes get a lot of exercise.
  26. I hate reggae music.
  27. I don’t believe in the legal definition of marriage. If two people love each other, there is no need for signatures on a piece of paper to prove their love. When you need a written contract to hold each other responsible for the relationship, it’s not real.
  28. However, if Robbie Williams ever proposes, I will say Y-E-S! Haha…
  29. I desperately want a pug. And I will call him Steve, like Steve “Crazy Eyes” Buscemi.
  30. My dream jobs are: movie critic, any job where I’m paid to shop.
  31. I have not seen my hair in its original color since the last day of SPM in Form 5 in 1999. It was maroon then, now it’s caramel.
  32. I have two piercings on my left ear, three on my right ear and one of my belly button.
  33. I do a really good impression of Boo from Monsters Inc.
  34. I want a tattoo but I’m afraid of the pain.
  35. I’ve got two bunny-looking front teeth.
  36. I speak Bahasa Melayu with a funny accent, don’t ask me why.
  37. I love to shop, I don’t have the stamina to hike for 2 hours but I can shop for 8 hours straight.
  38. I eat my cereal, usually Kellogg's Frosties, without milk. I don't like soggy cereal!
  39. I can't eat instant noodles or microwaved food, I get sick and throw up. Ugh.
  40. My favorite ice-cream flavors are Haagen-Dazs Banana Split, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Marco Polo's Lychee Gelato, Starbucks' Low Fat Latte and good mint ice cream.
  41. I'm 23 but I'm proud to say that I collect stickers and magnets. *sticks tongue out*
  42. I love Cadbury chocolate, especially the mint and double deck white chocolate ones - heaaaaven!
  43. I find South Park very very funny, would definitely let my kid watch it.
  44. I'm tone deaf and can't sing, except in the shower.
  45. I can eat A LOT of lok lok. Dare me!
  46. I only eat dim sum that has shrimp or seafood in it, except char siew and nin yong paus. Warm and soft..mmm, like me. Hehe.

  47. I love the sound and sight of rain outside my window.

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Blogger YU JIAN said...

With regards to entry no.38, go to my blog and read the Jianni Oliver post to discover a REALLY tasty alternative to cereals. Enjoy. Hehehe...

3:18 AM  
Blogger iamjoe said...

i call u mei vern. or miss tang.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Buchou said...

Re: #19. Japan also has a Milo -- pronounced "MEE-low" by the Japanese. :)

Unlike the Milo(s) from China and Malaysia, the Japanese version (also made by Nestle) mixes instantly with a spoon, no clumps and no need to start the mixture off with hot water. Cold milk and a spoon are all you need for a glass of chocolaty goodness.

Unfortunately, you can only get it in Japan! :(

11:47 PM  

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