Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My Tuesday morning...

So here's my routine every Tuesday morning: I drag myself out of bed after breaking yet another alarm clock – I found out that alarm clocks aren't made by aerodynamic engineers, they don't fall or fly across the room very well – then, I take a hot shower on a cold, windy San Francisco morning and take my own sweet time getting ready for class. After all, that's a privilege that I get from living 10 minutes from school. The first thought I get (first clear, logical thought that is, coz &*$%# doesn’t really count) once I step out the door is of course: I need my coffee, NOW.

And if there's one thing that I absolutely love about San Francisco State, is that I think the entire community of faculty and students are just caffeine addicts -- walk twenty paces and you'll get your shot for the day. But here's the problem, every Tuesday morning, I have a cinema class, which means for three hours, I'll be in a dark room, watching two and half hour-long black-and-white, independent documentaries made before I was an embrio. I don't mind the film at all, but the catch is, I have to stay awake for the entire three hours without coffee, because no food or drinks are allowed in the cinema. GREAT.

Trust me, I've tried sneaking the coffee in. Nothing gets pass this professor. He stops in mid-sentence just to show a student the door if he sees you sneaking a sip. It's not that the prof. is mean or sadistic, it's just that we get a lot of idiots who eat like two-year-olds, leaving sticky seats and trash in class. Sigh. But what's a girl to do? So every morning, I buy and chug 12oz. of Peet's caffeinated French roast (Yes, Peets. Not the whimpy stuff from Starbucks) down in 60 seconds. It's a feat, and I've done it more than I should. After burning your tongue once or twice, you'll figure out the exact amount of milk to put in your coffee so it's perfect chugging temperature.

A little concerned about my well-being, I asked myself: Do I really need the caffeine that badly? Will chugging coffee down screw me up for the rest of the day? The answer...I don't know. I don't get jitters, but I do get hungry and sleepy during class but that's nothing new. Sigh…can't wait till this semester's over, I look forward to enjoying my coffee in sips, not in gigantic gulps.



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