Sunday, August 23, 2009

Incoming! Fall TV season kick off dates

Good news all round for Singaporean moviegoers - Moon and Coco Avant Chanel is opening on August 27 and Chan-Woon Park's Thirst is coming to cinemas Sept 10!

And on the TV front, if you're starting to worry that there are only 2 more episodes of True Blood to the end of season 2, fret not as the fall TV season is starting soon and here's a round-up of start dates for my favorite returning series:

(Dates stated are for U.S. broadcast)

14 Sept: Gossip Girl
How long can Chuck & Blair stay a couple? Can Hillary Duff leave Lizzie McGuire behind as she joins the Upper East Side crowd as Olivia Burke, a famous movie star who's attending NYU, wants a normal life and may be dating Dan! Tyra Banks will also be guest starring in season 3.

21 Sept: HeroesWhat's a new season without more heroes and villains? Joining season 4 are Robert Knepper (T-Bag from Prison Break) who plays Samuel as a villain and Ray Park (Darth Maul/Snake Eyes). Samuel will join the regular cast as the head of a new mysterious organization which will be battling The Company. Apparently Knepper describes his character as "a reluctant ringleader of a carnival." And how long will Matt be able to keep Sylar as Nathan? I hope we'll get more of Zachary Quinto, I'll take him anytime over Adrian Pasdar.

24 Sept: Grey's Anatomy
Season 5 finale warranted the six OMGs from me with the possibility of losing both George and Izzie, or either, but by now we all know that George is dead and Izzie survives (boo!!). While T.R. Knight is off to Broadway, it'll be interesting to see how the cast deals with George's death. And guess who's replacing George as permanent cast member? Arizona! Does that mean that we'll get to see more of Torres since she's dating Arizona or will Arizona be involved with one of the other doctors? Which brings up another interesting question - is Arizona bi? Personally I'm hoping to see more of Christina and Owen, which to me, are way more interesting than Meredith & Derek. According to Wikipedia, Martha Plimpton will be appearing in a few episodes in season 6 - I'm not familiar with her but she's played tomboy-ish characters in the past - competition for Torres perhaps?

What else am I excited about? Well, I'm hoping to catch Project Runway season 6 and a new FOX series Glee looks promising - the pilot episode already aired in May 2009 - although its premise sounds a lot like Fame.



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