Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My favorite things: Wobble, Whoosh & Wash!

I confess. I hate taking showers. Absolutely hate them. The only exception I make is when it's a rain shower and it's outdoors.

Strangely though, for someone's who's so anti-shower, I love trying new soaps and shower gels -- and me being me, it needs to look good, smell really good and if it also suds well, great. In that order by the way. Which I guess is how I ended up with Whoosh, a shower jelly from Lush!

The Lush stores have always turned me of because of the over-powering scents. Most of the time, I walk right by without stopping in but this time, I'm glad I did! Once you're in the store, the scents aren't that bad, it's actually quite calming. Anyway, I found a few wobbly, jello-like pudding-shaped
80s neon blue, green and purple things sitting pretty on a display shelf and anyone who knows me, knows that I'm easily distracted by shiny things. So I immediately picked up a sparkly, deep purple shower jelly and to my utter delight, the slippery ball of jelly wobbled away like no tomorrow in my hands! So the 5-year-old me with a salary absolutely had to get it! Instead of the purple one though, I opted for the less pretty (No sparkles!) but much, much better smelling electric blue one known as Whoosh.

The purple one, known as Joy of Jelly had jasmine in it, which I absolutely hate! It also had lily, rose petals and ylang ylang in it -- so definitely not my set of scents. I'm a citrus girl, so I'm totally in love with my new Whoosh in the shower -- so while it's quite an acrobatic act using a super slippery soap in the shower, I love the deep breaths of the citrus, lemon oil, geranium and grapefruit. And if I get bored, I wobble it in my hands. Yes, easily amused. So try it if you want something different from your usual soap or shower gel! Definitely a contender for my Best Ever list. Word of caution: Don't dig your fingernails into it, as it will break into pieces.

More here: http://www.lush.com/shop/products/bath-shower/shower-jellies/whoosh


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