Friday, May 11, 2012

Do something.

I'm so guilty of this. And I make excuses... all the time. It also doesn't help that I love watching TV and my ass can be stuck on the couch for hours and hours if I get hooked on a TV series marathon -- and no, it's obviously not cable. Hate ads. So disruptive.

Came across this article "How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)" on and seriously, I'm going to blow up the above image and stick it on a wall where I can see it everyday. I've been complaining that I've become a really un-interesting person since I've moved to Singapore and there really is no one to blame but myself.

Sure, it's super helpful that I try to watch everything on History Channel, Discovery Channel, TLC, Food Network, BBC Lifestyle, Nat Geo since Discovery Networks is a client, but where does that all stop?

How bad is the situation? I go from screen to screen everyday: I wake up with an alarm app on my iPhone, check emails on my BlackBerry and Facebook on the my iPhone on my commute to work, plonk my ass at my workstation with two monitors -- yes, two: an external monitor and my laptop -- and while commuting to meetings, I check my BlackBerry and iPhone continuously. And when I get home, I turn on the TV, flip channels and then hop onto my home PC to connect it to my TV to watch the latest episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, Glee, 2 Broke Girls, etc. What do I do when there are no new episodes? I flip through TV channels or my eyes will be glued on my iPad reading my fave sites on Flipboard. The last thing I see before I head to bed? Check that the alarm on my iPhone is set for the next day. S-I-G-H.

So my solution: Stop complaining, go out and do something.


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