Friday, November 09, 2007

Roberto Cavalli at H&M!!!

OH MY GAWD. I cannot believe this! This is so unfair! Barely 6 months after I leave San Francisco, Roberto Cavalli's unveiling his line for H&M! And guess what? The closest freakin' H&M is in Hong Kong! Sobs. Sucks.

The only other thing that can beat that is if Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera started designing for Topshop. Sigh. I want!!



Blogger Krystle said...

Guess what! I only learned about this collection from you, so I went to H&M this weekend in Toronto to check it out... and got that frilly white shirt with black bowtie that you see that short-haired brunette model wearing in the pic! WHAAAAT! Surprised I got a piece since they were almost all gone. So, thanks, hehe...

8:17 AM  

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