Saturday, November 17, 2007

Worst week of my life.

Oh my gawd. This week was officially the longest week of life - not to mention the likely to be the worst week of my life. And, it's one of those weeks when you look back and go, "WTF. I would die if I had to do that all over again, it's just not worth it." Is quitting possibility? Possibly. I mean, hell, I work to live, not live to work. Work should not be painful, if it is, you're in the wrong job.

And what's hilarious is that it's one thing that made this house of cards fall, it was a billion things that could go wrong basically went wrong and everything that was unplanned got thrown on top of it. I made a to-do list 2 weeks ago, and with optimistic hopes of completing the list. Nope, not only did my list GROW, I still have things that were meant to be completed 2 weeks ago on my list. Sigh.

To make things worse, since I was recovering from a stomach virus last week and had a throat infection on Monday, which means absolutely no cigs. Gaaaawwwd.

Had plans to leave at 5pm on the dot on Friday - did I mention that I worked till at least midnight every single night this week? And of course, I sent out my last email on Friday at 8:50pm, at work, to hop onto a cab at 9:05pm, just in time to catch Beowulf. All my plans basically went down the drain this week. Sucks ass.

Dilbert says it best. Except the last box - should say "Oh, you must be a PR consultant." Go figure, aaaarrrrrrhhhhh....



Blogger Benjamin Koe said...

I read that Dilbert strip once before and it didn't speak to me then, but now I see where Scott Adams is getting at. Hey, don't kill yourself over work ok? If needed, throw stuff at me to ease your load. If that was the worst week, tomorrow will be better.

BTW, I got me a iPod Nano!

7:28 AM  
Blogger audreytmv said...

It's one of those weeks where people keep piling unexpected things on top of you, and things come at you from every angle. :(
I know what you mean about the Dilbert strips. I used to laugh at the absurdity of office life seen through the eyes of Scott Adams, only to realize now how true every single one of his strips were. Sigh. Evil Catbert struck today. Sobs.

4:50 AM  

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