Monday, June 09, 2008

Strange but true: I've finally found something to love about Singapore

After officially moving here for 1 year and 2 months (yes, you'll be surprised to know that I sometimes count the days), I've finally one thing that I looooove about Singapore *drumroll please* my hairdresser John from Kimage!! I love this man - he doesn't talk much (which is the way I like my hairstylists!) - all he says is, "How do you want it cut today?" And I say my magic words, "Anyway you want it."

So this is my second haircut with John, I thought I was going back for a trim and would keep the same look, at least for another month of so but lo and behold - it's a new look! Wee! Well, it's a modification of my first look - can't really too much when my hair's this short. My first look was very anime fairy, but this time round, it's asymmetrical and completely weird! One would even think that my hairstylist (or me) is mad to walk around like this. And yes - it's exactly what you think - my haircut on my right and left profile is pretty different.

Sing Carly all you want - but for S$45, I'm so in love with my hair right now - and it's the first thing in Singapore that I would actually miss. :) Check it out below. Shots aren't great, not to mention that these are shots of me 14 hours after I'm awake. Hugs & Kisses!



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