Thursday, November 22, 2007

MUST WATCH: This is Singapore for you...

I promise you, this will be the funniest (not to mention likely to be the lamest) video you'll see this year. Remember the William Hung audition video? Well, this is HILARIOUS. Abso-fucking-lutely hilarious.

Here's the context for the non-Singaporeans -- the Media Development Authority (MDA) is responsible for creating, encouraging and regulating (if you ask me, it's more like censoring) "creative" (very loosely used here) content in Singapore and here's the senior management of MDA -- it's true, the people in the video reaaaaally reaaaaally work for the Singaporean government. Seriously watch the whole thing - have no freakin idea how they managed to convince them to get into a Superman outfit for a public video. And if you're old, and completely uncool -- do not, ever, ever, try and rap. Which by the way...someone should tell MDA that rap was soooo 90s. PS: Singapore has a governing body for everything - even one to encourage people to get married, bonk and have kids - known as SDU (yes, the acronyms are a huge Singaporean thing as well). If you haven't guessed yet, SDU stands for Singapore/Single Desperate and Ugly - hahahahah....okay, okay, it's the Social Development Unit.

Thanks to our real superstar Farah for sending this along *air kisses*



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