Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hill & Knowlton Media Party 2008: Moroccan Mystique

Photos from Hill & Knowlton Media Party, as promised! Yup, yours truly and an amazing group of H&K-ers from the H&K Singapore office organized our company's annual media party on July 31. Theme was Moroccan Mystique, so we went all out to create a night to remember.
For specific reasons, I'm not revealing the venue of the party simply because person in charge of the venue was a pain in the ass to work with. So no additional publicity for them.

The entire place was decked out by Shad & Ky - from the luscious gazebo to the Persian rugs!

Moi in costume - it's a belly dancer's outfit complete with trinkets! You could basically hear me before you saw me that night. Wanted a yellow outfit but they only had black. Oh well. Outfit & accessories rented for S$40 from Talent House Studio - much better selection than the No. 1 Costume Store in Aliwal St.

The best looking people in the house - hahaha - urm, I meant to say, the H&K Media Party Organizing Committee. The people in charge of bringing the night to life!
From L-R: Tess, Yvonne, Alex, Farah, Audrey, Liz, Cheryl

Belly dancers sheikh-ing the night away!

And fire blowers to heat up the night! There was a henna tattooist as well - photo on the way!

And of course, any reason to get people drunk - beer sculling competition!

Yummy Moroccan cuisine from Zac Cafe, washed down with Mumm champagne, Heineken beer and good company!

T'was was the night! Phew - would put up more photos but that would be having to sieve through hundreds of photos taken by our colleague photographers Calvin and Shahlan!

We were even in the news! Woohoo - check out more photos here:



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