Friday, August 01, 2008

Work life balance my ass

My first post in months! Phew. have I really been that busy? Really makes me miss college life. It's strange how I found time to blog when I was still at State, considering that I was going to classes full time, working 2 jobs part time and completing an internship at the same time! So have I really traded up moving back to Singapore and officially joining the damn workforce at H&K? Clearly, it's a big fat NO.

Work's taking up so much time. Was completely swamped in June with Sony Ericsson's global announcement during CommunicAsia week and 2 Sony events in July. And of course, just for fun, another mini global announcement for Sony Ericsson's Walkman phone in July. The most hillarious part is, on top of all that client work, there's my company's annual H&K Media Party, and guess who's part of the organizing committee? Moi. Taking a breather this weekend since the Media Party just wrapped on Thur, Jul 31. Photos to come - Moroccan Mystique was the theme and we went all out with fireblowers, belly dancers and yumlicious Moroccan food. And yes, we all dressed up!

Anyway, just a quick wrap up of the past 2 months. Opps, almost forgot that my parents also came to visit! Their first time in Singapore in years! Brought my mum to oogle at Bottega Venetta bags and Ferragamo flats and heels.

Ok, one more stop before City Hall, should post this asap. Yup, my first post from a mobile phone. Let's hope this works. Doing this on a Sony Ericsson P1i btw, so can't wait for the 3G iPhone and Xperia X1! Woo!



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