Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best Harry Potter interview ever!

These two videos are seriously laugh-out-loud funny. It'll totally make your day.
I originally saw these on /Film.

A Japanese Harry Potter fangirl who won a nationwide contest to tour the UK set get a surprise visits from Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley). The fangirl's reaction is awesome! My favorite lines from the interviews: "Touch, ok?" "He has silver eyelashes!"

The videos really put the Harry Potter movie franchise into perspective, at least for me. One of the reasons why I started reading Harry Potter was because I saw the first film and was thoroughly and surprisingly entertained. However, I made the mistake of reading the books before the movies came out, so obviously, I had very high standards for the movies, and none of them delivered. Over and over again, I've tried to detach the book from the movie in order to fairly evaluate the movies, afterall, it's a completely different medium. There were interesting moments in all six movies - like for example - I could never picture an elf (I kept reverting to an image of a leprechaun in my head whenever I read about Kreacher or Dobby) but seeing Dobby on the big screen really helped. And Emma Watson made Hermione prettier than Rowling made her out to be.

Back to the perspective - the excitement of the Japanese girl in meeting Daniel and Rupert proves that somewhere in the world, the Harry Potter movie franchise is living up to and going beyond someone's expectations, and to many people out there, it's a joy to see their favorite Rowling characters come to life on the big screen. Sigh, I need to stop being so cynical!

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