Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coffee Clicks!

  • UK poster for 500 Days of Summer. Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks de-lish! Look at those dimples! Swoon. [Empire]

  • How many ways can you say "big penis?" Hung, a new comedy series by HBO which premiered in June centers on a disillusioned gym teacher and father of two, who decides to use his well-endowed tool to make a living as a male prostitute in order to make things meet. Can't decide if I'll like it - check out clips from Hung over at HBO.

  • Blue's Duncan James comes out of the closet, sorta. Apparently he's bi-sexual. Snore. [News of the World]

  • Too funny to not post - Jon & Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8's videos. JonMinus9, too funny! [Funny or Die]

  • Leighton Meester aka Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf sings! Check out her first single (apparently leaked), Body Control. I like Leighton, but it sounds sorta digitized. Then again, so does Britney.

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