Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Coffee Clicks!

  • 170-year-old Canadian luxury retailer Holt Renfrew's window displays celebrate fashion bloggers. One more reason to move to Canada! In the words of bryanboy - feroush! Besides Bryanboy, other bloggers getting their personal homage are The Sartorialist (love!), Sea of Shoes, Garancedore, I Want I Got and Jak & Jil. Why are they celebrating fashion bloggers? According to Holt Renfrew Creative Director John Gerhardt, "Bloggers have become the fashion world's new celebrities. They're knowledgeable and influential contributors to the modern media landscape. Their opinions and visuals are relevant, creative and thought-provoking, providing a constant source of inspiration. We are honoured to pay homage to their style." [Bryanboy]

  • Disney launches interactive video game based on classic "A Christmas Carol" for Nintendo DS. What's interesting is that it'll be base on the new version of the movie with Jim Carrey as Scrooge (according to IMDB, it's slated for release in 2009 in IMAX 3D as well), which makes sense, considering that "players will guide Scrooge on his supernatural adventure, by blowing and shouting into the microphone and using the Nintendo DS stylus to pull, shake, drag, rattle and tap the different environments." Would love to see someone playing it on the train. :) [Film Guide]

  • Happy Birthday 81st birthday sliced bread! [Mental Floss]

  • Netflix-style service for fashion in Singapore. Ahh, so they finally figured what to do with those LV and Prada bags that were taking up the extra room in the HDBs. Can't tell much from the web site though! [Springwise]

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