Thursday, July 23, 2009

Completely Gratuitous: Johnny Depp at Comic-Con, Kupono leaves SYTYCD

Woohoo, good ol' Johnny Depp (who plays the Mad Hatter) makes a surprise appearance at Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 3D panel. After continuous prodding by panel host Patton Oswalt on whether Burton brought anything special to show the audience besides the much-awaited Alice in Wonderland teaser trailer, Burton asked the crowd if they would like to meet the "imaginary friend" that follows him around. And to roars of cheering, out steps Johnny Depp (swoon, swoon), dapper as ever! Psst - men, if you need tips on how to dress to impress, Depp's the way to go.

And in true Depp fashion, according to E!, Depp walks on stage, whispers into the mic, "Hey. Happy to be here," and then leaves. Haha. Seriously. Depp's the man.

In other news of strange-albeit-interesting-looking men, this comes a week late (yes, yes one of the downsides of living outside of the US!) but no fair, Kupono from So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 was eliminated! Granted, he wasn't great with other dance styles beyond his own but I can't help it, I like my men strange! Err, to name a few - choreographer Wade Robson, Mark Kanemura from SYTYCD season 4. I still think Kupono's solo was awesome though - see video below!

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