Sunday, August 16, 2009

Avatar: Trailer news and official photo

UPDATE: Disappointing! So much for "screening at 100 IMAX theaters worldwide!" The list of IMAX theaters playing the 16-minute preview of Avatar is out and they are all cinemas in the US and Canada. Sucks. Screens in major cities are sold out, but if you're in North America and willing to take a drive, head over to Avatar web site ( to get your tickets. What's interesting is there's also a link for international release dates. In Singapore and Malaysia, Avatar are scheduled to open on December 17!

Previously, I mentioned that the trailer for James Cameron's futuristic Avatar will premiere on Friday, August 21, also known as Avatar Day. Interestingly, Apple has launched a countdown clock announcing that a teaser trailer for Avatar will launch a day earlier, on Thursday, August 20. Does this mean we're getting two trailers - a teaser on Thur and a full trailer on Fri? We'll just have to wait and see!

There's also the first official photo of Avatar (all past photos were production shots and concept art), showing Sam Worthington's character Jake in front of a chamber containing what I'm assuming is an Avatar, a genetically engineered human/Na’vi hybrid.



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