Tuesday, September 01, 2009

True Blood Frenzy! So good, you can't resist a bite!

I love this still from last week's episode of True Blood! True Blood is turning into one of those must-watch TV series - woohoo, and last week's penultimate episode of season 2 has to be one of the best! With some of the best & hilarious lines, completely out-of-this world scenes (my fave is of the one below, with Queen Sophie-Ann, Bill and Sophie-Ann's lesbian meal sunbathing, yes SUN bathing in the Queen's day room.

I have a feeling that Season 2's going to end with another cliffhanger - with Maryann NOT dead, but even Bill/Sookie/Sam/Jason manages to kill Maryann, we have a whole new "what the hell is that" storyline with the giant egg! Gasp - what if Tara gave birth to the egg after she had sex with Eggs? Get it? Get it? And, let's not forget that Jason also foreshadows the egg with a line that only Jason could pull off with a straight face, "You think Sam could turn into a chicken and eat an egg he just laid?" I have to say, I'm not a fan of Ryan Kwanten (who plays Jason) but damn, he has the best lines in the show! I mean, come on, who gets to pay tribute to Max Brooks' World War Z (Jason: "Guys I read a book about this. This is armageddon. This is the oral history of the zombie war.")

Seriously, this has to be THE best episode of True Blood, here are my favorite scenes:
  • Eric in a floral print dress

  • Eric & Maryann doing their best Superman impressions - come on, you knew there was a explanation behind how Eric got to Dallas way faster than Bill who had to fly in a private plane! And can someone tell me why Karl's (Mary Ann's assistant) eyes don't turn black?

  • Proving that she's not like every other female TV/movie character out there and in my opinion, a really cheeky thing for the writers to toss in: Sookie has her handbag with her all the time - when she has to leave, her bag's with her! Ever noticed that female characters in shows NEVER carry handbags? I mean, come on - where the hell are you going to stuff that phone and wallet?

  • Ooo, and if the Queen is right (and why wouldn't she be), you can will yourself into immortality, just like the maenads!

But then again, I'm sure the writers will totally outdo themselves with the season finale, which sadly will only air Sept 13 - probably something to do with it being Labor Day weekend next week, so HBO shows that air on Sunday night are taking this week off.

I will say this: If you're looking for something to watch with vampires in them, bite into True Blood!



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