Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chuck kisses Ellis! And Ellis is a guy!

Gasp. Gasp. By now, we all know that the new season of Gossip Girl starts Sept 14 but hold on to your seats, ladies...and boys! Spoilers ahead!

Good ol' Perez Hilton found a call sheet on the set of Gossip Girl which basically tells us that Chuck will kiss a new character, Josh Ellis, NYU’s head of freshman affairs. So the deal-eo is that Queen B wants something from Josh and she pimps her man out to Josh, who happens to be gay. Josh is played by Neal Bledsoe, a 28-year-old Canadian who's played minor roles in CSI: NY and Lipstick Jungle. Not my type, but at least there's Chuck - yums!

Side-tracking, speaking of yums, I love the way Hayden Panatierre says "yums" in I Love You, Beth Cooper. :)

And in other Gossip Girl news - new photos from episode 1 of season 3: Reversal of Fortunes! Yay!

Main photo above - Chuck looking dee-lish in a powder blue pin-stripe suit, perfectly complemented with Blair's romantic mint green dress, perfectly topped off with a raspberry ribbon. Did I say, YUMS!

Serena lip-locks Carter Baizen! Dum dum dum.

Nate spotted with Bree Buckley, played by Joanna Garcia - I'm with you, who?). Do we care? Nope, last time I checked - not interested in Nate.

For more photos, head over to Gossip Girl Insider.

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