Friday, October 28, 2011

Terra Snore-Nova

Star World has been pushing the two-hour Terra Nova Singapore premiere on TV tonight like crazy. From the ticking countdown clock to the continuous promo screaming "The biggest show in TV history!" -- makes you wonder, what's so exciting about a show that looks like a made-for-TV production of Lost World (not Jurassic Park mind you) that's on screen at least 5 years too late? Well, I've seen the first episode and this was waaaay before the incessant and annoying promos for the show. Should you stay in on a Saturday night to catch the premiere? Nope. Not a Saturday night, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday... you get the drift.

I heard about Terra Nova because Steven Spielberg was one of the producers on the show. You would think that the man responsible for Jurassic Park would at least offer a semi-decent dinosaur movie on a TV budget, right? Erm, Terra Nova -- not the case. Here's the plot: It's set sometime in the bleak future where Earth is an utter blah and there's a new colony called Terra Nova that everybody seems to want to move to. A family, whose dad can totally pass for Will Shuster's twin brother, moves there and starts a new life. The colony's run by a military regime led by the military dude from Avatar, who probably only plays military roles coz I've never seen him in anything else. There's a rebel group and oh, dinosaurs roaming the backyard.

The actors are super average, completely unmemorable and coupled with sleep-inducing action sequences, I'll be surprised if the show gets renewed for a second season. It's like one of those shows that I used to watch on TV on a lazy Sunday morning back home in Penang when I was 9. Here's my thing with shows and movies featuring dinosaurs: They don't work. Jurassic Park was insanely amazing when it came out 1993 because there was nothing like it before it hit the screens. Everybody wanted to catch it. It was a must-do. I still remember standing in line with my parents, buying tickets for the movie. And honestly, growing up, Jurassic Park's the only movie I remember my parents ever bringing us to watch in the cinema.

If you liked the series, do enlighten me because it's a complete snooze fest to me. Next!


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