Saturday, May 26, 2012

You're my person

"You're my person." One of my fave lines from Grey's Anatomy. It's always been something for Cristina and Meredith, but this season takes the line to a new level with the conflict between Cristina and Hunt.

*Spoilers ahead* Totally not happy with the finale of Season 8 -- not because they decided to kill off Little Grey but there just wasn't enough drama. Yes, yes there was a plane crash but what's the big deal? McDreamy didn't even lose his surgical hand! There was a lot of hype with the finale episode because apparently there were tears among the writers because they had to kill off a "beloved character" on the show. Then again, who knows -- maybe the new season will kick off with a bang with us looking McSteamy too! *Gasp*

That said, I'm still looking forward to the new season because I need to know whether Cristina and Hunt will work it out. Cheaters have no place in my book but there's something so broken about both Cristina and Hunt that I do want to see both of them happy. Happy together? That's a whole other question. Cristina's always been my fave character from season 1, and with all the heartbreak she's gone through with Burke, this tough cookie deserves some love.

For the record, my all-time cliffhanger episode was definitely George's 007 episode -- totally took my breath away.


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