Wednesday, July 11, 2012

EPIC: In 10 days, The Dark Knight Rises

10 more days to The Dark Knight Rises! Technically, it's 9 more days since it opens July 20 but the earliest IMAX tickets we could get was for Saturday, so 10 days it is!

The new trailer above "Journey" is a nice recap of the first two movies of the trilogy and then brings us in on all the action waiting for us in The Dark Knight Rises. Love that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has lots of air time in the new trailer. JGL plays young cop John Blake, who apparently is supposed to represent the younger, more optimistic versions of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. Maybe it's just me, but JGL gives me the sense that he could pass for a much younger version of Gary Oldman, in an odd, odd way... even though he looks nothing like a young Oldman. Heh.

The best part about being back in San Francisco is getting to watch the movie in real IMAX! 70mm! Wooooot. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the /Film article for the difference between a Real 70mm IMAX or lieMAX (Digital IMAX), as well as a list of which screens are which, both in the U.S. and internationally.

We saw The Dark Knight in Sydney's LG IMAX, which was the world's biggest IMAX screen at 96.5ft high x 117.2ft wide and it was breahtaking. Left the building in complete awe, even though it was only about 30 minutes of film that were shot in IMAX. The challenge with having experienced the world's largest IMAX screen is that everything else after that, feels and looks really small. We're catching The Dark Knight Rises at AMC Loewes Metreon and their IMAX screen is apparently 80ft high x 100ft wide which sounds pretty darn big to me, so let's see how it goes next Saturday. Then again, it's Christopher Nolan, so I'm sure it'll be good regardless! Did I also mention that The Dark Knight Rises has 50 minutes of the film shot in IMAX? Amazeballs.

As if fans weren't excited enough, IMAX released a new poster of Bane and fans attending the first midnight screening will receive the limited edition print. Feels like a creepy, charcoal drawing death-mask like look at Bane -- spot the bat in the poster. Heath Ledger completely transformed into Joker and looks like Tom Hardy's doing the same with Bane (without the hair and with the mask, you can't see any Hardy in there) but Ledger will always have a place in my heart as the insanely manic Joker.


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