Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cookin' in the Noe: The Squash Special

In the spirit of Julia Child and celebrating her 100th birthday today, we decided to try cooking squash for the first time! I've had squash before, but never really knew how it looked like fresh and no idea how to cook it!

We were on our way to Whole Foods to get a bunch of vegetables for a chicken stew and we chanced upon Castro Farmers' Market (another thing to love about San Francisco!) instead! We saw the squash and had no idea what they were, so had asked the vendor and he basically told us that they were different types of summer squashes (?), so we bought a few of each -- you're looking at three of them in the photo: the yellow banana-looking one, the yellow pepper-looking one and the small green ones that look like garlic bulbs.

Verdict: All super sweet and yummy but definitely more suitable for sautéing or grilling, rather than as a stew. Love fresh produce!


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