Monday, May 09, 2005


Here I was, sanitizing my hands with Purell and ouch ouch ouch…only to find out that I have half an inch long paper cut on my thumb. I get cuts and bruises in the strangest places, so much so that I've come to accept them as war wounds. Doing research and going through microfilm and old moldy books in the library is war for me, especially when I have to quiet the entire time I'm in the library. Hate how quiet libraries are.

I'm not exactly a graceful individual, so me being a klutz is kinda expected of me. But here's the thing, in the last 2 days, I broke 2 bowls while washing dishes. The good news is, I proved Corelle wrong. Their bowls and plates are supposed to be unbreakable, apparently not so if you drop it from a height of 3ft onto a tiled kitchen floor.

I'm not programmed to do housework, seriously. I was doing laundry the other day and being all anal, I read the label on my jacket, looking for washing instructions. Amidst the barrage of different languages on the label -- you'll be surprised how much can be squeezed in a 1"x2.5" label -- this is what I could figure out, it said: "Do Not Wash." I'm like, do not wash? So I'm supposed to wear the same stinky jacket for the next 2 years? Hmm… I was desperate, I had left to wear and I really wanted to wear this jacket, loved that it was from Zara, fits perfectly, so I threw it in the washing machine and line dry it. While my $81 jacket was happily soaking in the suds, I called Zhuang to tell him about the strange instructions on the label, only to realize that "Do Not Wash" probably meant do not wash in water! Eeeeks. Too late. When I took my jacket out, it looked really sad, almost like it was disappointed in me for not taking care of it. I feel really bad about it but I'm still gonna wear it, even if it's a lil' out of shape. Damn it. Does anybody know what I can do to undo this? Poor jacket.

Ooo, speaking of Zara, for those who are in the U.S. and looking for Zara stores, they have stores in Santa Monica in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Houston (eh?).



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