Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nolan delivers..again!

Christian Bale
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Just came back from watching The Prestige -- another nod to Christopher Nolan's genius. Can't go wrong with Christian Bale and Michael Caine! You know a movie is good when 15 minutes into the movie, I'm thinking to myself, "I need to see this movie again!" I love the breadcrumbs that Nolan leaves along the way and how everything in the movie ties in with the bigger plotline. Go watch the movie and check out the forum in IMDB, you'll know what I mean. More spoilers to come!

And by the way, I think Christian Bale is hooooot! I'll take Bale over Jude Law anytime, and that's saying alot!

The scary thing is, I saw a poster for another upcoming Christian Bale movie on the way out of the theatre and I"m extremely worried that it's going to be bad. It's called Harsh Times and it's set in South Central Los Angeles -- and in my opinion, anything with Eva Longoria in it is going to be baaaaaaad. It's



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