Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Benjamin Button trailer

New trailer from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - focuses a lot more on the relationship between Benjamin (Brad Pitt) and Daisy (Cate Blanchett), rather than just Benjamin growing younger. I prefer the first trailer, but this could just be me :)

Check out the trailer in high-def here.

David Fincher is one of those directors that I can't decide whether I like him or not - Fight Club is one of my all time favorite movies, Se7en was pretty cool when it first came out (it's very difficult for me not to like a film with Brad Pitt & Kevin Spacey) but Panic Room was awful and Zodiac was super draggy.

Can't wait to catch Benjamin Button, especially after the slew of bad, bad movies that I've seen this year. Sucks that it opens in the US on Christmas Day, but I'll only get to watch it in February 2009 - two freakin' months later! That's what you get for living in Singapore. Ugh.



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