Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Trailers, including Scorsese's Shutter Island!

Shutter Island: Looks amazing! I love Leo and Scorsese but wasn't excited at all when I heard the premise of the new movie (Two U.S. marshals investigate a disappearance in an asylum on an isolated island), but damn, the trailer completely changed my mind. Definitely on my must-see list now, although there are scenes that look like it could turn out to be a bad horror movie under the wrong hands, I trust Scorsese.

Maybe, Baby:
Seraphine: French award-winner film based on a story of a housekeeper turned artist, inspired/guided by a higher power to create art. I'm not an art person, and highly doubt this will come to Singapore, so will likely pass on this.

Special Interest Documentaries:
Unmistaken Child: Devoted disciple of the Dalai Lama goes in search of the reincarnation of a Tibetan master.

The End of the Line: "The Inconvenient Truth" of over-fishing.

For some strange reason, all the movies below seem to come from a genre that I can't stand:
Surveillance: Slasher film disguised as a crime thriller. Wow, Bill Pullman has not aged well since his "While You Were Sleeping" days. Convoluted story line with junkie parents, a little girl who knows too much, some drunk cops and murder(s).

The Road: I'm not a fan of end of day movies or of Viggo Mortensen. My boyfriend was reading the book of the same name (from Cormac McCarthy) and he was bored because I quote, "nothing happens." If the trailer is anything to by, it's going to be subpar.

Fifty Dead Men Walking: Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley with hair, IRA, British spies, based on a true story - I'm not even going to try.

The Answer Man: Mid-life love story. 'Nuff said. Failed self-help guide writer meets chiropracter, falls in love, finds himself. Yada, yada. I'm sooo not their target audience.

Forget it:
Not Forgotten: Lame mumbo jumbo combined with Z-list actors. It was so bad I couldn't even finish the trailer.



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