Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take me to the movies!

UPDATE: Drag Me To Hell is definitely worth watching, Raimi is the master of comedic horror. People were laughing their heads off in the cinema I was in, but I have to say, there were some shock scary moments, but always followed by some cheesy, laugh-out-loud scene after.

It'll be a tough fight between me and Zhuang, as I'm 100% certain he wants to watch Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell. I'm hoping he'll forget to buy tickets today and they'll be all out - muahaha. As un-scary as the trailer looks, reviews have been surprisingly positive. Sam Raimi's been on my to-avoid list as I can't stand Spiderman as a superhero or a movie (I'm not going to start on the bad casting - Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker? Come on! And the only bright sparks in the Spiderman series - James Franco & Willem Dafoe - barely had any air time). But I have to say, the first time I saw Evil Dead, I was freaked out, and I'm a sucker for OTT cheesiness. Critics are saying that Drag Me To Hell possibly marks Raimi's return to his Evil Dead glory. What's it about - girl wants to get promoted at work, pisses off a Eastern European sounding bag lady, gets cursed through her jacket button, girl tries to convince her boyfriend played by Justin "I'm-a-Mac" Long that she's curse, enter witch doctor with scary voice who tries to help girl get rid of curse.

Aud Approved: It's a good date movie if you have a scaredy-cat partner who plans to watch the movie through her palm, just make sure she doesn't have long nails.

I'm a Travolta fan, and have been one since his Grease days (yes, I know the lyrics to Summer Nights) and I will watch Travolta in almost anything. If you need proof, I saw him in Wild Hogs and chances are, if I'm bored enough, I might even watch his horrendous new Disney movie with Kelly Preston & Robin Williams - see trailer for Old Dogs. Same director as Wild Hogs (with Wild Hogs 2 in production - groan). Pelham 123 is a remake of a 1974 movie of the same name, Travolta leads a gang of men who are hijacking a NYC subway train and Denzel Washington plays dispatcher-turn-negotiator. Denzel's been sort of a hit & miss in his past few movies, but he's a good actor that doesn't disappoint. Generally, I don't like movies that have a single set (read: subway train and dispatcher booth, possibly some running around train stations) but with the sad selection of movies in theaters in Singapore, one can't be too picky. Random, but I prefer the poster from the 1974 version better.

Aud Approved: Good movie for bunch of guy friends (with or without your girlfriends) looking to hang out. Unless of course, you're one of those guys who hold their girlsfriend's Juicy Couture handbag proudly - then you're probably better off staying pussy-whipped and watch Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: Download. Seriously, how many romantic comedies can you watch with Matthew McConaughey before you get bored? 1.

Land of the Lost: Go watch it if you're: a) High or drunk b) Will Ferrell fan. Apparently it's completely random, utterly nonsensical and just plain bizarre - and of course, with a huge serving of mindless slapstick humor. Don't get me wrong, Will Ferrell's a funny, funny man in the right movies but sometimes, he just doesn't hit the spot.



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