Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad

Another beautiful short by Yasmin Ahmad as part of 15Malaysia, a short films project that consists of 15 short films about Malaysia directed by young Malaysian filmmakers. Chocolate has many layers, and all under 3 minutes. What really hit home is how Chocolate showed the differentiating views that my generation has on race in Malaysia, and that of a generation before.

To me, Malaysians are Malaysians. Growing up, I never saw my friends as Malay, Chinese, Indian. I never saw them as different - as far as I was concerned, they were kids just like me. It's the same today - strong characters and shared ideals were more important than the color of our skin or our "mother-tongue."

It's strange how our ancestors chose to come to Malaysia to seek a better life yet we're constantly encouraged to leave the country for "better opportunities."

Sharifah Amani's awesome, playing the subtlety to a key - I would be uncomfortable too (not to mention trying hard to stifle a laugh) if I had to buy batteries & chocolates from a half-naked guy who's wearing a food cover as headwear.

Be sure to check out the rest of the shorts from 15Malaysia, including ones by Amir Muhammad, James Lee, Ho Yuhang and more, at http://15malaysia.com/

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