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Cocktails on Mad Men

Cocktails are as much a character on the Emmy-winning series “Mad Men” as Don Draper and his Sterling Cooper colleagues. Deals have been made and broken, relationships born and killed and creative minds put to the test over a Bloody Mary or Old-Fashioned.

We take a look at the classic cocktails that are the drinks of choice among the “Mad Men” set as the hit show's third season comes to an end Sunday. Sit back, have a drink and take a trip back to a time when pregnancy and business hours didn't mean cocktails were off-limits.


Who's had it: Draper's drink of choice — we knew this bourbon-based libation was his preference before we even knew his name — is among six cocktails that date back to the 1800s. Local bartenders say they get a few requests for this fruity, slightly bitter cocktail, mostly from businessmen wanting to unwind.

“It's a sipping drink,” explains Jesse Pantoja, a local bartender and manager with more than nine years experience.

Where to get it: Most bars, especially those catering to the executive crowd. Try Morton's the Steakhouse.

Classic martini

Who's had it: Roger Sterling favors this vodka-based classic whether he's at lunch commiserating with colleagues or trying to get through dinner with family. He's even shared a few with Don (remember the oysters and martinis lunch from season one?). Whether ordered with extra vermouth, no vermouth or a touch of olive juice, “martinis are made to be crisp,” says Stephen Drew, assistant director, food and beverage, of Bar Rojo at the Grand Hyatt.

Where to get it: Almost any place that serves liquor and has a bar stool. For a retro touch, try the martini lunch special at Oro Restaurant & Bar at the Emily Morgan Hotel.

Bloody Mary

Who's had it: Known as a hangover cure and brunch-time beverage, Duck Phillips tried to woo Sterling Cooper copywriter Peggy Olsen with this vodka/tomato mixture with a kick. He succeeded, but not in the way we expected. From the 1960s to today, this cocktail has never seemed to wane in popularity.

“We get quite a few orders for it, especially on Sunday mornings,” says Pantoja, who manages the bar at Tomatillo's Café y Cantina.

Where to get it: If establishments that serve Tex-Mex and breakfast offer this drink, then you can get it pretty much anywhere.

Tom Collins

Who's had it: Little Sally Draper has proven her bartending skills making this gin-based libation that shares a spot with the Old-Fashioned and martini among the six original cocktails. (The Manhattan, Daiquiri and Sidecar are the others.)

Though not among the most popular cocktails, local bartenders say they still get requests for this classic, mostly from older patrons. Maybe they're reliving their own “Mad Men” days.

Where to get it: Your best bet is at swanky bars frequented by business executives. Try Vbar at Hotel Valencia.

Vodka gimlet

Who's had it: When Betty Draper was torn on whether to take back Don at the end of season two, she went into a Manhattan bar and ordered this tangy cocktail. Its effects were a bit surprising.

Men and women of all ages enjoy this easy-to-make cocktail, say local bar keeps.

Where to get it: A bar wouldn't be a bar without the ingredients for this libation. All you need is vodka and a touch of lime.



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