Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Curiosity Shoppe x Target: Mark your calendars Sept 9!

I drove the boyf nuts when I kept referring to Target as "Tar-jay" and with the new Target store opening at the Metreon Center in October (San Francisco's first store), guess he better have his anti-annoyance shield on because I'm going to be referring to it a lot more!

I'm not a fan of big box stores but when you've outgrown Ikea (I still love building my own furniture though and who doesn't love their word-free instruction booklets!) and you toss and turn for days thinking of whether you should splurge $500 on a reclaimed wood bench, you have to do a happy dance when designers collaborate with stores like Target. I can deal with the fact that the item is mass produced and likely found in many, many other homes but heck, if it looks good and unique and doesn't break the bank, count me in.

So I know what I'm doing on Sept 9 -- online shopping at for pieces from The Curiosity Shoppe and Patch NYC, as part of The Shops at Target! I'm totally in love with the modern Americana look from The Curiosity Shoppe and they're from San Franciso, yay! I like one or two things from Patch NYC, but I'm still a little undecided on how much I love the masculine-metrosexual hunting lodge look.

My favorite picks in photo gallery above and the best part is, nothing is above $50! For better photos of The Curiosity Shoppe items "in action," head over to Anthology for photos of the launch party. One of the best things about moving into a completely new house -- it gives me an excuse to buy stuff because we have nothing!

Check out Target's Press Room for the full lookbooks:


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