Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Style crush: This is how you rock short hair

Most people who know me will likely agree that I'm a short hair kinda girl. Once upon a time (like 10 years ago!), I had long hair, both straight and curly down from my shoulders to mid-back and my high school friends can attest to that. I don't remember exactly when I went short, but I never looked back and it just got shorter and shorter over the years. I remember one time, I had the left side of head shaved that I think that freaked the boyf and my mom out, but hey, it's only hair. I actually quite liked that haircut. I think I had it shaved at least 2-3 times. The last time I attempted to grow it up (in my world, growing it out typically means growing out my bangs and nothing else), but gave up after 4 months.
Here's the oxymoron: I love dresses. Yup, this crazy pixie-haired girl loves dresses. Maybe not the saccharine sweet Zooey Deschanel type dresses, but give me a structured, well-fitted full skirt dress anytime. I'm also super attracted to prints and color -- never pastels, but give me rich colors such cumin yellow, sunset orange, turquoise and peacock blue anytime. You'll have a hard time finding solid colored clothing in my wardrobe. I heart everything that the ladies wear on Mad Men, but I only wish they weren't that feminine! At the same time though, I love All Saints Spitafields. There's just something about the whole deconstructed, black and grey grimy look that pulls me to it. I love clothes that aren't what you expect them to be. I'll do a handpainted summer dress with a pair of cowboy boots anytime. I love the style of Michelle Williams, Zooey Deschanel and Gwen Stefani -- but I always end up with a few problems: None of them are Asian, they don't have short hair (except for Michelle), and their body shape is completely different from mine.

So here I was, browing Facebook and recovering from a twisted ankle -- can't believe the doctor and the boyf laughed at me when I told them how I twisted it: tried to stand up when my legs were numb and fell sideways, heard a "craaaaack!" -- and saw that had posted a list of 25 Hot Women Who Dress Like Men. To my earlier rant, I'm a dress kinda girl and would never be caught in a shirt, what more full-out menswear. But to my surprise, I found the photo of Esther Quek, Group Fashion Director of The Rake, highly intriguing. I did not like her Nucky Thompson look (if you don't know who this is, google "Nucky Thompson" and "Boardwalk Empire") featured in the article but a Google Image search turned up results that were suprisingly crush-worthy.

Here was a chick that was totally rocking her short hair cut, both black and blonde, and owning the menswear look. Granted, I can never pull off her look but just knowing that an Asian chick is totally owning it makes me happy. I love her bold choice of colors (what's not to love about yellow loafers and vermillion pants?) and the second close-up shot of her haircut is driving me nutters -- I want that haircut! So there you have it: My semi style crush. I'm crazy about her hair and wardrobe color choices and I tip my hat off at her menswear look.

Photos from CitizenCouture, Four-Pins and MonaLavinia. Check out the links for more photos.


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