Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Mission #2 on's Best Hipster Neighborhoods

A neighborhood ranking based on walkability, number of coffee shops per capita, assortment of local food trucks, number & frequency of farmers markets, locally-owned bars & restaurants and percentage of residents who work in artistic occupations -- what's not to love?

Sad but true: The criteria above basically sums up what I look for in a neighborhood, besides it being dog-friendly, easy transportation and a park but heck, one can't always have everything. And yes, I do consider myself as someone who works in an "artistic occupation." So there.

I like the Mission but the rent is utterly insane -- one dude was asking for $3,000 a month for a one-bedroom with no parking and no on-site laundry! Check out the full list, with Silver Lake in LA claiming the top spot, Mission in second (go California!) and Williamsburg in Brooklyn (which I also love!) at America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods. If anything, the list makes for a good travel guide for our next road trip!

Besides the Mission, Noe Valley's another one of my neighborhood faves, but it sometimes feels like there are too many baby prams per capita, so not for us. So we chose the next best thing on our list: NoPa, or North of Panhandle closer to Divisidero. Although my new neighborhood didn't make it on the list, I'm still uber excited when the new Bi-Rite Market and Four Barrel Coffee opens next year to join already cool spots like Rare Device and Workshop

It'll be interesting to what the new Four Barrel Coffee spot will be called, as founder Jeremy Tooker talks about naming it something "completely obscure" and "nothing to do with coffee or bread" in the American Hipster Presents series  below. Take a sneak peek at the renovations work in the video.


I love the closing thought from Tooker in the video and completely agree with him: "I don't have any aspirations to change the world, I'm just one person, but if we can do something better, we should."

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