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GM Diet Day 5 & 6: Beef, tomatoes & veggies

Day 5: Beef and tomatoes
Again, odd combination day. I knew Friday and the weekends was going to be tough just because we would be out and about most of the weekend, and the diet does limit your food options if you're eating out, so choosing the right restaurant is key.
  • Breakfast: Black coffee
  • Lunch: Beef and vegetable stew (I cheated slightly by adding carrots and onions, but there were a ton of tomatoes in the stew, so I guess it's still okay. Also, since Day 6 was beef and veggie day, I figured I would make enough for 2 days.
  • Mid-day snack: 1 fresh campari tomato
  • Dinner: Bite-size appetizers from the office holiday party ranging from tomatoes from bruschetta (just push everything off the bread!), a slice of tri-tip and slice of roast chiecken. Also had an all-beef hot dog without the bun because we were catching a movie. Finished off with 2 fresh campari tomatoes.
In the beginning of the week, I was worried about how I was going to attend the company holiday party on Friday and keep only beef and tomatoes, but this being San Francisco, the spread had options for everyone on absolutely any kind of diet: low-fat, gluten-free, carb-free, protein only. Amazeballs.
The past me would have kicked myself for saying this, but you would think that the beef would taste soooo good after 4 days of going meat-free, but suprisingly, the veggie in the soup tasted better than the beef and it was a tad odd to have meat.

Oh yes, you get really thirsty today -- apparently it's because your body needs the water to help digest the protein that's being introduced to your body -- so stay hydrated. I made myself drink glasses and glasses of water today.

The one craving I did have was for something sweet, like fruits. The smores station at the company party probably didn't help either. Trust me, it took A LOT of willpower to will myself to stay away.

Day 6: Beef and vegetables
The GM Diet web site calls this "feast day" -- don't ask me why because I can't have fruits, sugar, dairy or carbs, ain't no feast day for me! To be honest though, while I don't know if I've lost weight (it obviously wasn't very bright of me to start the diet without a weighing scale at home), but I do feel better. I feel lighter and not as bloated but considering my body's been put on a rigid food regimen for the past 5 days and surviving on limited calories, I guess that's expected.

You can also substitute the beef with chicken, as long as the skin is removed -- which is what I did for dinner.
  • Breakfast: Black coffee, beef and veggie stew made on Day 5
  • Lunch: 3 pieces of chicken wings, half a steak sandwich without the bread
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken with salt & pepper, baked asparagus, pea sprouts with shrimp (pictured above)
Again, eating out is tough if you're on this diet. I was at the Renegade Craft Fair and we were hungry, it was a miserable day (read: cold & rainy, I could never live in Seattle) and the only restaurant nearby was a bar. So the boyf and I shared buffalo wings and a steak sandwich for lunch. For once, I was glad that the buffalo wings wasn't slathered in sauce. It was easy to skip the ranch dipping sauce and the bread from the steak sandwich but I lliterally had to avert my keys from the giant side of fries that came with the sandwich. We wanted salad as a side but our server got our order wrong -- poor girl was probably not used to the crowd, a bar serving meals on a Saturday afternoon, imagine that! So because of the super unhealthy meal over lunch, I decided to eat super healthy for dinner -- grilled chicken breast with no oil, asparagus and sitr-fry pea sprouts.

The worst part about Day 6 though was that because I haven't had anything sweet for the past 2 days -- tomatoes don't count -- my body was literally shutting down around 9:30pm. I had an insane craving for chocolate and when I say insane, I felt like my body was shaking all over and needed either a Snickers bar or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, thank gawd there wasn't a Walgreens near my house. It's like my body was sick and tired of not having any sugar for 6 days and this was its way of revolting. I had to curl up into a ball under a blanket. The boyf suggested a cup of Milo (chocolate malt drink) without sugar but obviously that wouldn't do. So I resorted to several sips of coconut water instead and felt way better after that. My body desperately needed some sugar, that was for sure. I'm making a list of every candy and dessert item that I'm craving right now to make up for this week of insane and unnecessary torture.

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I'm on Day 5 and I feel like I've hit the stretch run because the hardest days for me were definitely the first 4. I started at 169.6 and I'm currently down to 165. I did the diet trying to get closer to 160 so hopefully I can lose a pound or two more over the next couple of days.

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