Thursday, November 22, 2012

This year, I'm thankful for...

It's Thanksgiving and while the oversized turkey and Black Friday deals typically take centerstage, I'm taking tonight to be thankful for...
  • ... close friends from high school (whom I can still call friends 13 years down the road) and all the new ones along the way (you know who you are) made throughout my stay in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the US
  • ... a job that I don't hate (hoping this will one day turn into "a job that I love") and working alongside people I truly respect
  • ... the ability to afford comfort, to eat well and be healthy
  • ... a place to call home with a spacious kitchen, beautiful hard wood floors and likely the world's most comfortable bed
  • ... supportive and adventurous parents, and a wilful sister (I mean this is the best way possible!) who's stronger than she thinks she is
  • ... and finally: being 30, in San Francisco and with the most wonderfully intelligent and caring partner one can have
I'm one lucky girl.


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