Friday, December 07, 2012

When December comes...

I've never been a fan of fall or winter and if I had to be honest, I'm probably more of a child of spring, with just enough of a chill in the air but lots of sunshine without the lazy days that summer brings. But I do love the changing the of the seasons and I haven't had this for the past five and half years. You would think that growing up in Malaysia for half of my life, my body would get used to the non-existence of the seasons and well, just deal and learn that each month is 30 days and 12 months of that, a year flies by. So it's good that it gets dark by 5:30pm because I know that as my days get shorter, the year is ending and December is here.

In fall, most animals start to get ready for hibernation in winter where it's time for the body to stop, rest and regenerate. It's been a mad five years. While most folks see holiday drinks, bright lights and loud parties as a way to wind down the year, I think my "hibernation" mode is finally kicking in -- or at least wind-down mode (doubt there's such a thing as hibernation for type A folks) -- three weeks since I've been back to San Francisco. So far, hibernation mode for me is yoga and baking.

I know things are not going to stay this way. I can sense the change in the air. But change is always good. Why fight it? Or as the Cybermen would say, "Resistance is futile!" But for the first time in a few years, I'm looking forward to starting out again. I think my mind and my body just needs to tag team to constantly remind each other to take my time, not rush and it's completely okay to slow down. It's not going to be easy because 30 years of impatience is not going to go away (and I don't want it to go away completely either). So we'll see how this goes, three more weeks to 2013.


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