Monday, December 17, 2012

GM Diet Day 7: Brown rice, veggie & fruits

Last day, last day! I still can't believe that I made it this so far. The good news is, although I'm not supposed to have any meat today, I found out that (a) I can have some chicken and (b) I can have fish because iti doesn't affect the diet.

The diet plan recommends starting the day with brown rice, which looking back, I wish I did. I only had a fruit salad with coffee for breakfast, followed by a bowl of soup for lunch. The problem with that is that by 4:30pm, I was starving -- like hands shaking, lightheaded starving. Unfortunately, we were also doing a grocery run at the Asian supermarket at Irving Street, which only has bubble tea shops! Never knew how difficult it was to eat healthy until I had to go searching for a snack here. I was hoping to find herbal tea eggs but ended up sharing a portion of salt and pepper chicken with the boyf instead. This was probably my only slip-up this week, resorting to eating fried chicken pieces -- sigh, that's what hunger does to you.

I felt really gross and fat after the chicken, so decided to have healthy dinner instead. I had brown rice with vegetables and seared ahi tuna. So good I wished I had it for lunch instead! Never knew brown rice would be so satisfying!

  • Breakfast: Persimmon, mango, orange
  • Lunch: Chicken soup without chicken
  • Snack: Salt and pepper "popcorn" chicken
  • Dinner: Brown rice with seared ahi tuna, served with seaweed, mixed veggies and pickled ginger from Pacific Catch

So what's my verdict on the GM Diet?

It's a tough diet. It may not sound tough and 7 days may not sound that long if you've never tried it, but be prepared for a week like no other. Be prepared to go to sleep hungry, have out-of-control cravings for chocolate, desserts, grilled meat and eggs (at least I craved for everything mentioned!) and be prepared to feel lethargic and lightheaded, especially the first 2-3 days. Physically, Day 2 was the toughest because I was tired, hungry and lightheaded. Mentally, near the end of Day 6 was the most difficult for me because I didn't have anything sweet for 2 straight days and my craving for a Snickers or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups was totally out of control.

But I do have to admit that I did feel really good during the week. I felt lighter, slimmer and more active. I wanted to go out and do stuff. I've also learnt that some things were easy to give up, like sugar in my coffee.

Would I do the GM Diet again? Probably not. But I would definitely try a clean/detox diet the next time round. Feels good to know that the body can feel this good just by controling what you eat.

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