Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does your style reflect your life's choices?

I love this photo from The Sartorialist, one of my favorite sites ever! Whenever I'm in need of a good pick me up and coffee doesn't work, The Sartorialist does wonders! Even though half the time I leave the web site thinking, damn it - why am I stuck in Singapore when there's a world out there to see?

Anyway, the reason why this is my pic of the moment is because I adore the way this girl looks! Love her hair, her cute lil' hat, the white dress and how cute are those shoes! Love how everything seems randomly put together, yet it's a perfectly put-together look!

Which got me thinking - hmm, I wonder if people who think the same of me if someone snapped a photo of me and posted it on their web site? Yes, yes, if you know me, you'll notice that I go through bouts of narcissism every now and then. But it's true! When I shop, I buy random pieces of clothing and/or accessories because I love the way it looks, not because it's a designer label or it's this season's must-have. I go with whatever I like, and I never ever mentally visualize how the new item will fit in with the rest of my wardrobe, coz afterall, if the common denominator is me, that should be sufficient, no?

And that's the way I dress, with reckless abandon! I throw pieces of random things together, and I've done ethnic, classy black, vintage and I think I'm now in my "let's go crazy over prints" stage. I'm kicking myself for not buying more of the gorgeous dresses made out of Marimekko fabric that I bought at Sydney's Paddington Market - three was so not enough!

What's scary is that I have a niggling voice inside that's telling me that I approach life the same way I approach my sense of style - picking up random pieces of experiences and tossing them together, and hoping, with fingers tightly crossed that it'll all turn out into a quirky final product that's truly me? It's hard to say. Random thought, but is there a tinge of truth in this?

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