Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Kung Fu Tootsie: Kung Fu Hustle Meets Thai Camp

Love! I have a soft spot for campy movies, even more when it's a Thai campy movie. :)

Was browsing for movies that are showing in Malaysia since I'll be in KL this weekend and this is one of the reasons why I miss Malaysia. Besides your typical Hollywood fare - G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, The Proposal, Public Enemies - they have a huge array of international films that actually get screened in Malaysia. Singapore movie distributors/theater owners: Please learn, especially if you want to attract an audience with an international palette.

Although it's arguable that the international movies that Malaysian cinemas choose to screen are still commercial fare in its country of origin, it's a great opportunity for people like me who don't speak Thai, Hindi, etc to a get a experience what a Thai/Indian movie-goer feels like every weekend.

Very tempted to catch Kung Fu Tootsie in KL this weekend, wonder if I can convince the boyfriend come along? Check out the trailer below, it's in Thai but heck - it's comedy, works regardless of language. It looks a like Stephen Chow Sing Chi's Kung Fu Hustle, but hell, it's all in good fun.

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