Wednesday, September 16, 2009

General Mills, will you hire me please!

LOL I bet you'll say the same thing after you read about the General Mills headquarters in Minnesota over at Bakerella. Bakerella is my all time fave blog for cupcakes and all things adorable & baked - thanks Krystle for sharing the site! And of course, Bakerella was invited along with other bloggers to a Eat & Greet event over at General Mills.

Take a peek inside General Miss through Bakerella's lenses here:

But here's why I loved the post and why I wouldn't mind (who am I kidding!) I would love to go to work at General Mills:
  • Duh - They make some of my favorite indulgences, yes Häagen-Dazs I'm looking at you!
  • Check out the view from their Betty Crocker kitchens! Drool.

  • They have their own food photography studio - I've always been fascinated with food photography, it's a tough job making someone go yums from a photo!
  • Beyond just on-site restaurants and cafes, they have a grocery store, childcare services, banking services, doctor's office, dry cleaners, hair salon, photo lab, fitness center and gas station, all on the premises.

For the uninitiated, General Mills is one of the oldest companies in the US, and if you've shopped in a grocery store, chances are, you've bought a General Mills product. Some brands under General Mills: Betty Crocker, Pillsbury (woohoo sorry couldn't resist), Häagen-Dazs, Cheerios, Yoplait, Progresso, Old El Paso.

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