Monday, September 14, 2009

New Moon: New Trailer, More Jacob Black.

I might actually want to catch Twilight: New Moon after watching the exclusive new trailer for New Moon that premiered at the MTV Video Music Awards. It's probably because this trailer features the because the Volturis are involved, and the idea that Bella is risking her life to get glimpses of Edward is kinda cool. For the record, I've never read any of Stephenie Meyer's books so my reaction is purely for the film. Twilight: New Moon is starting to feel like what Underworld should have been but completely failed at. Kate Beckinsale = snore. Can't believe there might be an Underworld 4.

If you're a Taylor Lautner / Jacob Black fan, be sure to head over to Apple Trailers for a short clip, "Meet Jacob Black" preview where you'll get a healthy serving of shirtless Jacob.

If I had to choose, I'm playing for Team Jacob - and that's saying a lot considering that I'm a vampire fan and I love tall men. Taylor Lautner's nose looks weird but Rob P gives vampires a bad name -- how can he leave Bella knowing the pain that she'll endure missing him? But come on, how is it a fair fight when Jacob is dark-haired, muscular, tan and smiles, while Edward is pasty, broods, borrows hair gel from Stiller's character from There's Something About Mary and glitters in the sun? I like my vamps to melt in the sun, not glitter -- then again, betcha Adam Lambert wishes he glittered. Kidding, love Adam.

If you watch the Jacob Black clip on Apple Trailers, you'll notice that the URL -- I'm disappointed that it simply re-directs back to The Twilight Saga web site. Same for Surprised that the marketers aren't playing up the rivalry, considering that there are ton of Jacob vs Edward goodies that can be customized for each site - at least change the landing page! It can't cost that much to have customized character sites - if I put myself in the hoodie/jeans/Converse of a 11-year-old teenage girl, I would totally go ga-ga insane over.



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