Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sex and the City brings back the 80s!

The Sex and the City costume department can do no wrong! Sarah Jessica Parker and crew are bringing the 80s back in full force - check out the photos of the girls on set of the Sex and the City 2.

Ms Bradshaw is very Madonna-esque with her black lace gloves and stockings, and love seeing a different reincarnation of the tutu! I see shades of Cyndi Lauper too with the tutu layered over the knee length tights! Samantha is a complete rock chick from head to toe - crazy big hair and red stiletto ankle boots! Only the women SATC can pull off cropped denim jackets, leopard print and see-through jeans without screaming street walker! Miranda is hilarious - she looks like she stole Danny Patridge's haircut. But honestly, besides the hair, I still see people in the financial district dressed the way Miranda does - power suit with white shirt, collar outside the jacket (brr!) and of course, sneakers for the rat race. Charlotte's well, Charlotte - but with a wilder streak of green.

Source: Access Hollywood



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