Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh no you didn't!

UPDATE: Whoa, Bryanboy in WSJ!

Ooo -- this is why I'm a bigger fan of the US than the UK (o, it's not THE one reason, but one of the many bazillions).

It's New York Fashion Week and InStyle US hinted at a shift of power with fashion bloggers such as Bryanboy, Susie Bubble and Rumi Neely taking front row at the Michael Angel show.

From InStyle US: "It seems fashion bloggers are the new It crew at New York Fashion Week..."

But from across the pond, just a month ago, the feroush Bryanboy so helpfully pointed out, InStyle UK had this to say about Bryan Boy in a round-up of fashion bloggers on the Internets:

From InStyle UK: Bryan Boy – Another small time fashion blogger made good. So good infact Marc Jacobs named a bag after him!

Lesson to be learned here: Never call anybody "small time." Honestly, no small time blogger gets that much love from the Marc Jacobs! I may not have a job with InStyle but at least I know "in fact" as a phrase should be two words instead of one. And honestly, the writing needs work - the InStyle UK writer definitely did not do justice to the fantabulous fashion bloggers.

PS: I have big love for fashion bloggers coz it's refreshing to see real people rocking designer duds coupled with their own sense of fierce style. And granted, the bloggers tend to have louder fashion style & voices than the general public, but who wants to be the general public - snore. Somehow, although the price tags are still incredibly shocking, the duds seem somehow more accessible in the hands of these bloggers. Repeat after me: Who needs to eat when you're rockin' that Louboutin!



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