Sunday, May 15, 2005

Backstreet's Back!

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Woo hoo! Ahh, they were NEVER GONE after all! It's been 4 years but so what? Backstreet Boys are back with their new album, Never Gone, out in the US on June 14. Some have had one two many cheeseburgers in them, AJ and Nick's got a lil' chubbs, and for some reason these two are singing in the new single, Incomplete and NOT Brian. Why?!! He's the only one in the band who CAN sing. Sigh. Hahaaha...why am I doing this? It's one of those things from my past that kinda haunts me today - heh. Yes, guilty as charged, I had BSB posters in my room growing up. Sigh. But which 12 year old girl didn't right? So here I am, kinda hoping that Boyzone would do the same, but nope...they're got too much dignity, unlike the Backstreet Men.

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On the set of the Incomplete video shoot, anyone want to try and figure out their incomprehensible lyrics?

Empty spaces fill me up with holes
I'm awake but my world is half asleep


As usual, the video's got all elements of a boyband music video - wind (leaves and styrofoam snow), water (Brian's wading in it - fully clothed, sorry girls) and fire (Nick attempts to look like he blew up the car, of course, he's just cowering in fear). Howie's in the video, attempting to look like he's singing and Kevin's just there so the camera can get a shot of his side profile, probably took the makeup people a few hours to fill in his goatee and perfect sideburns with mascara. Of course, no BSB video is complete without fake rain conveniently showering on the boys as they show off their perky nips in their wet t-shirts.



Blogger YU JIAN said...

HAhahahahahahahahahaha ... looks like I'm not the only 'fan'. *grins* Gotta admit lar, at least they got some good songs compared to their other contemporaries like N'Shit, Gayzone, 91Cunt, Westlice & others...

2:18 PM  
Blogger audreytmv said...

But still, you're their Perfect Fan la....excuz me, kick you then you know. I happen to like Boyzone, who I think are way better than BSB. Okay Jian, we're too old to start this boyband fiasco. Just thought you might wanna get in line with other over-the-hill BSB fans at HMV to get their new album.

6:11 PM  

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