Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chan-Wook Park's Thirst Red Band Trailer

If you've seen Old Boy and the Sympathy for Lady Vengence series, Chan-wook Park needs no introduction. And if you've never seen a Korean movie (honestly, Korean dramas with bad hair & makeup & clothes from the 80s don't count), then you're missing out!

Check out the red band trailer for Thirst, Park's new movie, I'm hesitant to label it horror because then you'll expect your typical Korean horror movie with creepy, pale looking women and extremely slow shots, and there's an expectation to be scared. Chan-wook Park is not your typical horror film director. If you've seen Park's previous films, it's more like a mind fuck, his movies take you to dark, dark places that you've never thought existed. But all done tastefully and beautifully shot.

Thirst tells the story of a priest who is accidentally transformed into a vampire when he dies from a medical experiment, and receives a blood transfusion that turns him into a vampire.

Ooo, also - apparently when the original poster came out in Korea, it was considered too sexual and had to be pulled and replaced with a slightly toned down version, which is also the version that we'll likely see internationally. I prefer the original poster, way more interesting. What do you think?

Thirst Poster - original version

Thirst Poster - Likely the version that we'll see for international releases



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