Monday, June 15, 2009

The Wild Things: New Novel Based on Sendak's Short Story & Jonze's Movie

Where the Wild Things Are is another movie that I'm really looking forward to - the trailer is mesmerizing and I love the idea of how children can easily "escape" from the world through their imagination. And partly, I'm big on sadness in movies/book when the child realizes that he has to grow up, leaving his childhood behind and there's no turning back (see Finding Neverland and To Kill A Mockingbird). Love the furry wild monsters and I'm a big fan of all things weird. The movie, directed by Spike Jonze (director of Adaption and Being John Malkovich) is based on children's illustrated book by Maurice Sendak. Movie is supposed to be out in Oct 2009.

According to /Film, there's a novel titled "The Wild Things" by Dave Eggers that's based on both Sendak's book and Jonze's new movie. Eggers co-wrote the movie's screenplay with Jonze. is open for pre-orders now for August delivery and there's even a fur-covered edition! So cute! It's an interesting concept, a novel that's based on a picture book and a movie - wonder if there are others like it?

Check out the Where the Wild Things Are movie trailer at Apple Movie Trailers.

Cover of The Wild Things novel
Poster of Where the Wild Things Are movie



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