Monday, September 28, 2009

No emails on my iPhone. Damn you Lotus Notes.

Dear Lotus Notes - I don't like you. Not only is it unintuitive, I find out today that it's nearly impossible to get it on my iPhone. And I do not jest when I say "nearly impossible," because it is.

Long story short - the only way to do it free is through a completely unsecured way of forwarding your Lotus Notes emails to Gmail and Google Calendar using a rule and tweaking some settings on your iPhone using instructions which make creating nuclear fission sound easy - kidding. But if you want to try it, here are the instructions: As for me, I'm too lazy to go through the hassle and deal with the complicated steps, especially considering I'm completely unfamiliar with Lotus Notes.

There is another "free" method, but you would have to join IBM's Lotus Greenhouse (I'm assuming it's a developer/software engineer group) in order to this next option, because so far, IBM has only announced "plans to support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync in version 8.5.1 of Lotus Notes Traveler." In human language, this means that you can get Lotus Notes through Microsoft Exchange on your iPhone. Sigh. This one's a complete out for me.

Then of course there is iNotes Ultralite which lets you access Lotus Notes through the Safari browser interface, looks decent but the price tag is enough to give you sticker shock, at least for a consumer. According to the web site, it ranges from US$76 - $150.

Other third party applications out there that will let you use Lotus Notes on iPhone include PocketMac (US$24.95) and Notes Pro for Lotus Notes (US$14.99) but again, I'm not entirely sure how they work but these were recommendations that I found on the web and through Twitter. So far, reviews for Notes Pro isn't great.

PS: A Google search on "I hate Lotus Notes" comes up with more than 70,000 results.



Blogger Bill said...

Can't remember how I found your blog, they look interesting anyway.

You can at least receive Lotus Notes email without any problem and you might need to send email from your ISP's SMTP server(if your company's domino server is behind the fire wall and has very restricted email control).

You have to have IMAP task running on Domino server and IMAP-enable your lotus Notes mail box.

I configured them for couple iPhone users in our company, they are happy with the result.


8:27 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Search this "I hate outlook"

8:29 AM  
Blogger Gregg said...

You don't say what version of Notes and Domino you are using, which will make a difference in the types of solutions I can provide.

The "easiest" is to simply setup a new IMAP connection to your Notes mail through your iPhone. The second "easiest" is to use iNotes Lite.

However, you will have to know if your Administrators or company policy allows this type of access to your mail. Yes, they can (and many times do) lock that down from you.

If your organization is moving to Domino 8.5.1, then you can wait for them to add Traveler to it and you can, as you show, use it to access your mail. Again, however, your company or Admins may not allow it.

Was Notes mail easy to get early in the days of the iPhone? No. Is it now? Yes, very much so. However, as I have said several times, you may not be able to access it because of corporate policy or something else.

I hope that this helps.

1:46 PM  
Blogger audreytang said...

Bill & Gregg: Thanks both for your suggestions. I'm currently using Lotus Notes 8.5 - any suggestions on helpful sites for quick 101 and/or tips & tricks on using Lotus Notes?

8:11 PM  
Blogger Gregg said...

Here is a learning plug-in that you can install in your 8.5 sidebar:

Here are some "Cheat Sheets" that are really quite good:

Notes Tips Blog:

And Planet Lotus, a Lotus Notes and Domino blog aggregator, should provide you with plenty of other tips/tricks/hints:

I hope that this helps.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Lotus Evangelist said...

You can access ultralight from the server directly, presuming you have a notes mail file.
No extra software is involved usually.
Also press CTRL-SHIFT-L in the client to get a list of keyboard shortcuts.
You may find the new version 8.5.1 due within 2 weeks will resolve most of your issues.
Happy to help with more details if you need it.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Gregg said...

I hope that the links we have provided have helped. Here is one more, very specific link for you:

6:52 AM  
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