Friday, November 20, 2009


Ahh, going gaga over Gaga in her new video Bad Romance. The Lady is looking abfab gorgeous in her new video, those lovely, lovely eyes! What's not to love - super catchy beats/lyrics, Wade Robson-esque dance moves, maxed out glam outfits (yes, that IS a polar bear rug coat!) and a good round of spot the product placements! And come on, the black crown that Lady Gaga is wearing is totally screaming Max from Where The Wild Things Are. And did Madam Gaga turn the creepy hairless cat into a hair clip at the end [3:02]? Fans of Gaga's boobie sparklers shooter from the Much Music Video Awards will be glad to know that they make a re-appearance in this video. I can literally hear drag queens around the world dropping Madonna's JPG cone bras to the floor.

Sing it with me now! “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!”

So here's what I spotted in my first viewing of the video, in order or appearance:
  • 0:11 Parrot by Starck - iPhone/iPod speakers
  • 0:17 Nemiroff vodka - didn't like the opening shot of the bottles at all, hard sell. Bleurgh.
  • 2:02 Burberry trench
  • 2:11 Nintendo wii controller and 2:45 HP laptops me thinks. If you're wondering what they're for, I think it's the bidding button of our Lady, bids going up are shown on the HP laptops.
  • 3:28 Craaaaazeee gold outfit and un-missable heels from Alexander McQueen. I have no clue how anyone walks in those (apparently Daphne Guinness is doing a helluva a job though - just google "Daphne Guinness McQueen", but I would love to try! Muahaha, sometimes, I think I have a miniature drag queen inside of me who's screaming to escape.
  • 3:47 Carrera sunglasses
There's a lot of product placement easter eggs in the video, see if you can spot more. Give up?

Andy Warhol of our times, anyone?

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