Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Know Me by Robbie Williams

Ahh, Robbie's gone and done it again! Was listening to his new album "Reality Killed The Video Star" and was completely oblivious to the fact that "You Know Me" was his new single after "Bodies!" Had posted a comment on how much I love retro feel of the song on Facebook and a fellow fan told me that she loved the video. And I was like, "What video?!" Yes, I'm completely ashamed to call myself a fan. Sigh. Work tends to get into way of play - damn it.

Anyhoo - here's Robbie in all his quirky, campy glory. Love the doo-wop cabbage heads. If the tune sounds familiar, Robbie borrows part of the tune from French singer Francoise Hardy's Voilà, listen here:

PS: Ignore the first 30 seconds this YouTube version of "You Know Me" as it's just an ad. It's the only version that I could find that wasn't on fast forward. Hope it stays on!

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