Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A toast to the gloved one

Michael Jackson Toast1
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Hehehe....human beings amuse me, especially the weird ones. Just when you think things can't get any weirder.

Drumroll please! Michael Jackson on toast! No big deal right? Wrong. This piece of burnt, stale bread is actually on sale on eBay and guess what's the best part? People are actually bidding on it! It's got 4 days left and it's already fetching $13 for a piece of bread!

Originally uploaded by audreytmv.
I had to read the description to this Michael Jackson toast THREE TIMES just to make sure I read correctly. Here's what it says on eBay:

"This morning I was eating some toast and I looked down and WOW, what was on my toast one piece had Michael Jackson face with Yeah and the other said Not Guilty! I was shocked, so I saved it and waited and then today at 4:30 my time it came on the news and there it was Michael Jackson is found NOT Guilty! What a find I could not belive that the morning of the Verdict it was on my toast FIRST! So I just knew I had to get this on ebay so up for auction is 2 piece of toast one has Michael Jackson face and the word Yeah and the other is the toast that say NOT Guilty!"

This is HILLARIOUS! My favorite part about it has to be the word "YEAH" under the little stick figure head. Jeez....and the bidding price? It has 1 day 15 hours left and it's already fetching $62! Oh, apparently, the seller (*coughs* conman *coughs*) is throwing in a free toaster if the price goes up to $300! CRAZY.

Think I'm making this up? Go to www.ebay.com and do a search for "Michael Jackson toast."



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